Thursday, April 19, 2012

I know I need you

Late into the solitary night
Something woke me up
I stayed awake!
My thoughts turned to you
That we had a time together,
Thinking of you
I become deaf to distraction,
You were a king in my heart
Completely mesmerized
“I know I need you…”

Believed you know…
If love comes by intuition
Embrace love, no dubious!
If love arise out of pity
Better decide not to marry
Coz it sense no longer
And if you leave me behind
Will hold my heart in agony
“Still I know I need you…”

Perhaps I live in an illusionary world
My quest for love never dies
That doesn’t pertain longer
Often I forget the pain for reality
That I had overcome
So I’ve fallen in love again
That destined never to meet
“But I know I still need you…”

In the name of love
I can’t drag you into despair
Like a bird in a cage
Dying wishes to be set free
Hoping to fly in the sky
Stretching its wings
To inhale the unpolluted breeze
Of the life far above the sky
Let life live lively
“I know I need you…”

A day when you bid farewell
I didn’t want you to say
Good-bye to me,
Coz I knew the hardship
Of concealing the spilled-over tears
And never had I wanted to see you cry.

Winters wither leaves,
Summers bring landscape distortions
But my love for you will never alter
Like the bubbles of the ocean
It will hold on till the ocean dries

Behind the unmovable mountain,
High above in the hazy clouds
Deep down in the pacific ocean,
You may choose to hide
But I know I need you
I know I certainly will need you.

Contributed by Leki Om 

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