Drawing with the computer is exciting

The eyes that speak.....

Here is the solution to all the problems: a single most yet powerful
solution. It is better to resort to this, meditation, every time we
confront problems. This is a single most effective medication for
body, mind and the soul. Picture drawn in India during my 

university days

Even as we try to live, we are confronted with many problems. If we have
the ability to tackle all these problems and overcome, we will then be the
winner of all. This was drawn when I was in India pursuing my bachelor's degree...


  1. Great artworks. Loved them all. You are a man of multi-talents. Keep it up man. Tashi Delek!

  2. Thankyou for viewing my so-called art and appreciating it. I am just learning to draw. Thankyou very much sir...

  3. Bro you should open art gallery..... It will be rocking ma......