The Great Employer

Look out through the window,
And you see a bored man walking
Watch him go; and
He walks towards the Bar,
To employ the Bar Girls.

He gulps down tuck tuck
Till it reaches his throat,
The man who walked in like a King
Drags out like a beggar.

On his way to nowhere
He meets a gang of boys,
He employs his boneless tongue
Begging the sturdy boys
And boys are employed,
The neighbor dials for help
And Policies are employed.

He is detained and tried
Lawyers get their first job
And in the court
Thousands linked are pulled
Where workless witnesses
find their leisure time fruitfully spent.

If one man like him could create many jobs,
And if there are bunches of men like him,
Who said there will be no jobs?

So long as there are bars,
There will be jobs created
By our bored man
And Great Employers, the Drunkards.

Message from Afar

You came into my life as a stranger;
In you, I saw a reliable friend,
You became an inspirer for my misery venture,
You’ve become a hope for my life,
Now you're my strength
where I am secured,
The man for a wordless woman.

For my fissure heart
You have medicated it into 'love sign'
In my deserted hope
You have given me the seed of hope,
The trust I distrusted,
Is now building once again to glow along with your trust.

Now, I’m proud to say, you're my man.
Thank you for doing great in my life.

Missing u lots

The New Beginning

I am in my new home
Or should I say, an empty home?
I call it a home
Yet I feel it a house

Home—I call it—
Because of its rarity in the area
House—I feel it—
Because walls stand glare

As late as this evening
I am alone in my home
The lonely thoughts are dragging me to hell
Yet I have no will to succumb easily

As long as there is a new beginning
There shall be life and zest
Not only to live this life,
But lives after lives…

Happy Teachers’ Day

There you stand with a dusty chalk
Imparting the truth untold,
Fondling each one’s future
Discovering the newness in old tale
You are great a human being,
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Like a candle
In the midnight’s blind,
Like a torch
In the solid darkness,
You are a luminous guide,
Happy Teachers’ Day!

From the life buried beneath
To the horizon’s blissful rays,
From the road unknown
To the world’s most travelled
You have propelled me,
An expert driver!
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Up atop the mountain’s pinnacle
I see the beatific snows melting,
Deep down within my innocent heart
A perennial breeze whistling
Fluttering the words you taught me,
You are such a great liberator
Happy Teachers’ Day!

The window to the east
Adorns with the golden rays first
Each disciple you face
Receives the wisdom first
And I was the first for you,
A lighter like you
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Written on Teachers' day, 2012

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