Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Tsa-Wai Lama

When others travel by luxurious prados, he walks. When others rush for urban life, he pulls away from it. And for so long, he has been living in a remote place deprived of all modern facilities. He is Buli Trulku Rinpoche, Sonam Lodroe, my root teacher.I knew him from young. Today, he is my role model and his life has inspired mine. He respects everyone, be it young and old and love them equally. 

His stay in Shingkhar Lauri has been a great benefit to the unenlightened sentient beings there. Even the wildest who always lived their life hunting for animals have come under his Dharma rule and today they receive his teachings. Shar Arunachal is a place where people are weird and violent. However, his teachings has soften them to a cotton. They have become his ardent followers. He has established Drupdey in Shar Warongpam where people undergo three years retreat. Apart from that he has Drupdeys in Zangthi, Dungmanma, and Lauri. He has sent across the world hundreds of Tshampas (one who undergo three years' retreat). 

He is a light to me, our village and our society. Despite his mastery over Buddha's teachings he also has a good knowledge of  paintings, sculpture and many others. I feel lucky enough to have received his teachings since young. I still follow him. I am here today because of his prayers. And I shall die with his prayers. I entreat you to be the lighter to the mundane Lauripas and live till they are liberated from the wheel of Samsara. May You Live long, Rinpoche. 

Palden lamai kutshe tenpa dang;

Khanyam yongla deki jung wa dang

Dak-zhen malue tshogsag dripjang ney;

Nur-du sangay sa la goeth-par sho.  


  1. hey brother... myself pema jatsho , i have met the rinpoche for three time and heard lot about him and he really inspire me , i want to know more about him if you could provide me some information and few picture.. if possible please email me to.

    thanks alot

  2. He is a hoax.

  3. བླ་མ་རིན་པོ་ཆེ་ཁྱེ་ནོ།