Thursday, April 19, 2012

What If I Don't Get Up Tomorrow?

What if I don't get up tomorrow? Will there be
 tomorrow for me?
If I don’t get up tomorrow, my dreams will be left half-dreamt. My works will be half done. My plans will be stunted and my promises will be crushed. My only mother will not see me in my breath and my relatives will be compelled to think that they should have thought well of me before. What if I don’t get up tomorrow?
Here is a good time for you to discern on the impermanence of your life. We harvest wealth as if we are going to live for eons. We work as if we are going to live forever. In doing so, we develop so much of hatred and jealousy. You work breathlessly, run faster than others, catch up every call and accumulate mountain-like wealth. Yet what to do! Life is uncertain. Even the fastest running animal on earth like Cheetah must one day slow down its pace to stop for the death. One day or the other, everyone must succumb to death.

Every time I go to bed in the evening, I am reminded of the very clause whether I would be able to get up the next day. Whether I would have the privilege to see the same old world I just saw before a few hours when the darkness did not take over the valley! And thinking this I am prompted to keep alive. I don’t fall asleep until I forget this thought. Many thoughts run across one’s mind. And  tomorrow seems unpredictable.

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