Monday, January 13, 2014

My Journey - Written With Light

I could not update my blog for a long time. I hope I have not disheartened you, my reader. Over the past months, the days had been very hectic for me. I was busy that i did not get a moment to browse.

Unusual to the normal timing, my son woke up early in the morning today. I got up from my warm quilts and pulled him on my laps. He slept again. At this time, I realized that he has woken his father to write something for his blog, which remained dormant for sometime. I pulled my laptop and began to reflect on the past months. Here is the story written with light (photographs).   

The Dzong is a priority for Zhemgang. It receives the first rays of sun. Raised on a hill, the Dzong looks magnificent and glorious.

Kachens are curved beautifully using cement for courts. You see a dragon being curved or cut with cements. Life has become easier for carpenters. They use a piece of wood to curve these beautiful image.

This is Trongsa Court which is under construction. It is built on a hill to give it a panoramic view. 

Although delayed, Bumthang Court is progressing well. It stands amid pine trees with refreshing air. Bumthang is a beautiful place blessed with pristine nature. 

“Lhundrup tsegi dzongchen, Phurdro chagpa drasong…..”. I have heard and sang this song long ago but never been to Lhuntse to see the mighty Dzong. This time I was lucky be there. Although its a rugged place with steep mountains, it is a beautiful place. 

The beauty of nature lies in the beholder’s eye, someone said. Mongar is beautiful for me, especially the geometric arrangement of buildings and nature around

On our way to Tashi Yangtse, we halted at Gom Kora, a sacred place blessed by Guru Rinpoche. We prostrated in the Lhakhang. His Excellency, the Chief Justice of Bhutan gave Jinlap Damzey and other presents to old people circumambulating the Lhakhang.

His Excellency the Chief Justice of Bhutan being received by Dasho Dzongda and sector heads of Trashi Yangtse.

Tashi Yangtse is a beautiful place. With the Dzong located at the center, the whole valley in the surrounding appears beatific. 

This is the Thri for Dasho Drangpons in the courts. This is in Wamrong District Court.

This is the house from where our one and only the Chief Justice of Bhutan, Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye comes from. This is his ancestral house in Pema Gatshel.

His Excellency the Chief Justice, Hon'ble Registral General, Dasho Dzongda, Architect and others look at the design of the court in Pema Gatshel.

This Chorten is on the way to Khawar Lhakhang in Pema Gatshel. It is a mighty Chorten with immense architectural designs. 

His Excellency the Chief Justice donated two Jampelyang statues to two institutes in Pema Gatshel. They were consecrated near the Chorten by the lama of the locality.

Many may think that this is a telephone wire. It is not. This is a water pipe that is pulled to deliver water on the hilltop where there is no water.

On our way, many villagers came to receive Lyonpo. The one with the wine Palang is one of the gups. He is not only talkative but also active. Lyonpo asked him to do Changchoe.

This is Khawar Lhakhang. It is on the top of a mountain. When you reach there, all other mountains that surrounds appear so low. You feel as if you are in the sky.

On our way to Samdrup Jongkhar, I was trying to capture the morning sun rise. Being in a moving car, I had to really tighten my nerves of hand.

This is Tsirang District Court. It is near completion. The painting is going on. 

Dagana is one of the remotest places of Bhutan. This court is built with the vision to cater judicial services to the people there. 


  1. Well done dost! You haven't disheartened 'you reader' as you said (readers?), but truly tested their patience. For some time, I was forced to believe that you gave up on writing. Your recent promotion to a father must be taking amount of your leisure time.
    Sometimes, I feel you chose wrong profession. You are a good photographer. But the high resolution camera will have to be given credit as well, haha!
    That water pipe, where is it?

    1. Haha..thankyou Pelgen...I regret to inform you that these pictures are not taken by your camera haha....its our office camera. ....the pipe is in Khawar, Pema Gatshel.