I come from one of the remotest villages in Bhutan-Shingkhar Lauri. I was brought up in a remote place deprived of all modern facilities.

From small I attended my father and journeyed with him wherever he went. I spent most of my life looking after cattle in the far away forests. Till the age of 11, when I was finally enrolled in Pre-Primary, I was in the forest with cows and bulls.

As a son of a hermit and now a civil servant, I have experienced both the ritualistic and societal life. With the experiences I have gained over the years and the learning I have had in different schools, I am going to make my life a key for others to change for the better. Born and brought up in a remote place with lot of sufferings, I vividly understand the pain and mental agony people in the remote places undergo. As a result, even as I begin my career, I see a duty beckoning me to answer the calls that all the people in the villages have been yelling for years.

I haven't learnt much but whatever I have learnt, I shall mobilize it to generate peace and prosperity for my people. My only wish is to see my fellow mates happy and living their lives in jubilation  always. I would like to see the world rejoicing at our ways of living. I would like to materialize my dream and bring them what they want. I am for my people, who have suffered longer than their lives.

For those who are thirsty, let me be a glass of cool water,
For those who want warmth, let me be a woolen cloth near the fire,
And for those who are in search of path, let me be their torch of wisdom.

My Qualifications:

Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA)
Royal Institute of Management (RIM),
Semtokha, Thimphu, Bhutan.

B.A (Journalism, Psychology, English)
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies,
Bangalore University, Bangalore, South India.

Class XII
Jigme Sherabling Higher Secondary School,
Khaling, Trashigang.

Class X
Wamrong (Tashitse) Middle Secondary School,
Wamrong, Tashigang.

Class VIII
Minjiwoong Lower Secondary School,
Minjiwoong, Serthi, Jomotsangkha, Samdrup Jongkhar

Class VI
Lauri Primary School,
Lauri, Jomotsangkha, Samdrup Jongkhar.

Class IV
Dungmanma Community School
Lauri, Jomotsangkha. Samdrup Jongkhar