Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Burning Patriot

If patriots are what a country is looking for, Jamphel Yeshi is the one. Burning alive! Breathing life with flames on his body! Not fearing the consequences and offering his body for the Tibetan's general cause!

How would you feel to think of setting your own body ablaze? Would it not hurt? Would it not pain? But these are no big questions to be asked for patriots. His brave-heart showcase must be an inspiring lesson for the one and all. I have seen such photos only in edited movies and never in real life situation. I find it hard to believe but this is something genuine that an ardent patriot has offered my surprised eyes and thoughtless mind.

There is something today's youngsters must learn from him. Instead of pleasing our girlfriends and boyfriends by saying, "I will die for you if you don't accept me" why don't we prepare for such a dare drill in case of trouble? We never know the fate of our state. Today we are free but come tomorrow and our hands may be fastened. If seeds like Jamphel's are not sown, buds like his will never sprout. And if it has taken more than half a century to get a man like him, our vivid vision must direct us to the right point now.

Loving one's own country and fighting for the cause has always been right and will always be right. 

May Tibet get to live what they die for.