Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Crazy Are We?

You go to school and spend almost half of your life learning things you may or may not apply in your life. You are taught starting from simple life skills to politics to metaphysics. Whatever subject we touch, many will agree, we study with the aim of getting a good job in future. You ask a primary kid as to what he/she is reading for, and you would be appalled to get the same answer stated above. Even our teachers tell us that if our grades are good, we may get a good job and vice versa. This encourages us.

Many a times, we are tested for our knowledge with repeated exams. Those are the greatest hardships, we think, that we undergo. But through the entirety of the journey, our parents are equally worried. Looking for the welfare of their child, they do not mind spending millions for us. They sell away their properties and land to educate us. Some parents work days and nights and spend their all they earn for their children’s education. More than their own lives, they care ours. Their only wish is that we get a good job, settle well and lead a life better than them. They do not want their children to undergo the same atrocities that they have once undergone.  

It is at this moment, taken by gratitude, that we reassure to love our parents more than anyone in our life. And instantly a solemnized mindset forces in us to serve them to the best of our ability by returning them equal love that we received from them. “Wait, let me get a job,” people say.“I will bring my parents from the village and keep them with me happily.”

You get a job soon after your graduation, of course with a little struggle. And with the job, you become independent. No more do you depend on your parents. With the independence, your mind flows out freely and gets hooked by a girl. Seeing her, you fall crazy. You marry her and bring her - an alien - to your home. Now you discover within you an unconditional love towards her. Lost in her love, you hardly think of your parents. They are forgotten despite their paramount expectations to spend the rest of their lives happily with the investment they made in you.

But you care so much of someone who has just entered your life like a guest. You follow her day and night. You buy her costly cosmetics. Your wife, a mere guest, chases away your parents, a genuine savior. Give them no good food! Make them sleep on the ground! You tell your wife, “Without you, I can’t live,” forgetting who made you to live till now. What a good son? 

Looking at life intrinsically, who is that so called 'wife'? She hasn’t helped you get the education, supported your growth and shared your hardships. But you land up respecting someone who has done nothing to you than someone who has oozed blood for you. How crazy are we? 


  1. What you have stated is absolutely correct. Whenever I visit home, my grandma always say that after getting married don't act as if your wife have brought you up not your parents. She is very much right indeed, people tends to go away from parent once they become independent.
    I really enjoyed reading your article, keep posting.

  2. Yeah this is what i feel about the lunatic world haha...but there is nothing we can do to alter this trend. one must walk the way mena...hehe,,,thanx for ur time la...