Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Bigger Belts of Our Mountains

For so long in the evolution history of Bhutan, the Mighty Mountains of Shingkhar Lauri did not have the broad and colorful belts like elsewhere. What they wore at all the times was an old thin stripe which was almost invisible. They watched every man and woman walking on their thin belt with heavy loads on their backs. Even innocent animals they saw were pitifully loaded and parading without a halt in sweats.

As they watched silently, they wished for the bigger belt that they had heard of others wearing. They did not mind cutting half of their body for the sake of the people living in their premises. They did not mind losing their precious ornaments hung on their bodies. They did not mind shedding tones of bloods. They did not mind becoming ugly with the cut. All they wanted was a fair life for the people living around them. They wanted to see happy people on their feet, chest and head. They did not want to sight a single person struggling.

These magnanimous prayers went deeper than their roots, grew firmer than their bodies, and became taller and visible than their heights. The eastern sun on his journey to the west carried the message of their hearty cries. The messenger winds blowing from the heart of these mountains dropped on the center table the letter written and signed by the mighty pen of Memey Tshang Lhari. The rivers meandering at their feet were instructed to cry louder than ever to the ears of the people. Ani Uni, the mountain at the southern foothills, was instructed to wait for the response from the center. The three sisters kept watching for the messenger to come. All of them worked for day and night and today their wishes are fulfilled.

They have got a broad and bigger belt although they have to bear the brunt of pain caused from the cut. They are happy that they see people plying happily in modern box-like animals. They no more see them sweating. They no more carry loads on backs. Innocent mules and horses are freed. Distance has shortened and life has become beautiful. 

Thank you, the Mountains of Shingkhar lauri for your sacrifice.

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