Dream of a Pen

I fear if a night of mine be long enough to dream. My dream is longer than the river Nile and deeper than the Pacific Ocean. But the night that I have is too short. And I am late to sleep. With a few hours remaining, my dream must be sawn, watered and reaped. What I should see first in my dream is still a mystery.

With lots of plans in queue, to execute one is difficult. And with so many dreams to be dreamt, dreaming one is subjective. But first, I must dream of buying a Pen: each for my fellows citizens. I shall be the first man to offer them a Pen. I know they will never appreciate what their son gives them as they are not used to using it. Over the century, they have used spades, ploughs, sickles and knives.

So the first dream I will have to dream is about how to influence them to use the Pen. I must persuade them saying, “Pen is mightier than the sword”. In doing this, I will have to know first myself, what is a 'Pen’?!   

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