This section is purely dedicated to the teachers who came into my life to mould me into one of the dignified persons in the world. Without them, my life could have been but a dome of misery. It is their prayers and graces that pushed me up right the rung and today I stand, though not as tall as others, up right with my chest out with pride. I can hold my head high with confidence. Thank you my MIGHTY LIGHTERS. You have played a very important part of drama in my life. You have taught me to sing and now I sing my song. Thank you. May God bless you all and may your knowledge in me be a help for all the sentient beings in the world. I will, as a gratitude to you all, prove to be the best channel through which the water of your knowledge shall flow to others. I offer you all, my Gurus, heartfelt gratitude.

I was browsing facebook when I suddenly happened to see my class teacher (class VII in Minjiwoong LSS). Overjoyed, I left a message and asked about his well-being. I felt so blessed. He is Mr. Rinchen, a very talented teacher. Thank you for your efforts in making me a man of value. I salute you, My Great Lighter!

Mr. Kezang Tshering
After several years of our departure, I was able to connect him through the facebook. He was my class teacher when I was in class X. As a mathematics teacher, he instilled in me a great interest to learn maths although I could not major in his subject. I thank him not only for teaching me but also for helping me to overcome my personal problems through constant advice. Thank you! May you be great forever!   

Mr. DP Mishra, RIM. He taught us Human Resource Management.

Mr. Jit Tshering, Asst. Professor, RIM. He was my teacher during postgraduation at the Royal Institute of Management in Semtokha. He taught us politics, democracy, development theories and gender.

Chhimi Tshewang. He was my principal at Lauri Primary School way back in 2000 when I was in class V and VI. He is currently pursing his masters degree in one of the universities in Thailand. He taught us English. As a student I would always be fascinated by the way he delivered his speeches. I have learned many things from him that I value in my life today: his way of walking, talking and presenting. Thankyou sir for lighting the lives of remote pupil like us with unmatched generosity and kindness. May you be the lighter for thousands and more

Buli Trulku Rinpoche, My Tsa-Wai Lama who lives in the remote place of Shingkhar Lauri. Rinpoche has given me the several empowerments that included Ka-Lung-Thri sum and other Mengags (words of wisdom). And I am still following him on other teachings and initiations. Do bless me, My Lama!

One of the most helpful teacher I met in my life was Tashitse Principal, Mr. Passang Norbu. Today what I have achieved is the result of help he rendered to me during my high school days. I vividly remember being helpless as my shoe was wearing away and my gho fading away. I had no money to buy and to tell my parents,they lived in the far away east. And what could I have gotten from my poor mother?
I was a school captain who was looked up to by my fellow mates but I had nothing special to wear. In fact I felt ashamed to stand in front of them but my duties were more important than anything. I had no way to escape but stand the test of time. My only shoe, due to wearing every day torn apart and I reached a stage to walk barefoot. But I was noticed by my Principal. One day he called me to his office and gave Nu 1000 with which I bought a pair of shoes and a gho paying Nu 400 each and saving Nu 200 for my expenditure to reach home during the winter vacation.
That was how the Principal came into my life and thereafter, knowing my disabilities, he supported me till my plus II. Like my parents he would bring packed lunches and give me some amount of money every time he visited me. You would exactly know how much a packed lunch and money meant to the hostel dwellers! I would remain in tears when he leaves home and think that my demised biological father has returned in him. He has been very helpful on the way to getting my education. I would never forget that. The incidence is so strong that whenever I think of that situation my eyes are filled with tears. Thank you sir for protecting the flower from the winter freeze and letting it flower. Now here is a full-bloomed flower congratulating you in the altar of almighty. May you be the same helper to one and all disadvantaged. God Bless you, sir! Thank you!

Madam Nandini Laksmikhanta, Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, Bangalore, India. She was my HOD and Professor for Journalism and Mass Communication. Thankyou madam for not only teaching me but taking care of me like your son.

Mr. Hayash Teenoth: He taught me Abnormal Psychology and Industrial Psychology. More than a lecturer, he was a friend to me. Thank you sir for what you have been to me. I will cherish the days of our togetherness.

Mr. Ryon Hamson: My science and maths teacher for class VII and VIII. Thank you sir for taking me by your hand and teaching the most difficult subject (maths and science for me) in a simple way.

Mr. Krishnamurthy Sittaram: My Journalism teacher during my college days in Bangalore. Today my media literary is all credited to him. Thank you for taking me across the world and showing me how the world in reality looked like!

With Mr. George Varied Thekkan, Lecturer, Acharya Institute of Graduate studies. He was my psychology teacher who taught me abnormal psychology, industrial psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology and counselling. He was my HOD and he used to care me and encourage me to do well in every field.Though strict, he was soft at heart. Thank you sir for moulding me into a dignified human being.

Ms Ajitha, lecturer, Acharya Institute of Graduate studies: Just like a sister in a family she would sit near everyone sharing what she knows. She would listen to what we say and indeed go by our wishes but never fail to finish the lengthy psychology syllabus on time. She was the love of our class for we loved her style of teaching and enjoyed during her periods. Great teacher! May God bless you. Be a candle to everyone who comes your way...

With my Journalism madam, Prema Vati, Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies. She taught me editing papers, report writing, feature writing and hard and soft news writing. Thankyou madam for giving me a hand with a style!

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