Art Exhibition at Children's Park Changlingmithang: Art by Pre-primary students
Look at the tree
At the Art Exhibition displayed at Children's Park

Art Exhibition by the Pre-Primary school students

White flower

On the white bench


In the snow

Enjoying in the White Fall

Office-goers walk in the snow

Family-Out in the snow

Playing with the White

Snow Dungkar


Snowfall in Hongtsho

A group of young girls learning to weave Dhom-Ngama, from Ngawang
Dema who is in her late 70s

Kharumshing: This is a Puja performed to ward off all
Kharums (loosely meaning bad lucks)  that befall people. Loaded is  a red and
energetic phallus with many unwanted and dirty things hung from it. It stands
just near the door to ward off any misfortune

This is what I do after office

A day-out 

 All Four together

A Walk to a neighbour's home during Losar

Lunch time

With the family

   ....Waiting for the Ara to come

Losar Special with nothing special

 Losar with my family: Four brothers

At the Buddha Point: My mother and my brother's daughter

Olakha Workshop as seen from the Buddha Point
Visit to Buddha point

Changjiji as seen form the Buddha point

Praying for the well-being of all sentient beings
My brother and mother looking at the mighty Buddha

Returning from Buddha point on foot
Front View of the Unique Bird found in the Supreme Court Premises

A unique bird at the Supreme Court
The mighty in white
What is dirty for us is clean for them

My parents enjoying TV program over a cup of Ara

Far away
Ornament in Original

Flowering Merit

Green and serene
Carpeted Changlingmithang: Where there is a luxury to play games in the night too
Gyalo Palden Drukpa

Where beauty lives in the high mountains
The day after the snowfall

This is how weekends are spent: Archers in the Changlingmithang stadium
The snow-capped mountains as seen from Changjiji
Above Changjiji
Snowfall in Thimphu

Phuntsholing Zangdopelri where many devotees pray 

 .This tree stands beside the busy road in Phuntsholing, covered by dusts
,It is sad that for our developments, we have dirtied the nature
.such as this tree 

,My Jinda is a rich man but he doesn't want to buy vehicles to carry his loads
instead we are made to carry. We are  tired now

Over the hills and valleys

Bhutan's most exciting view

What could be more exciting than this scene 

The glory of Tashi Taj

...Naked and Dry: The Winter has taken away all that it has 

The fly-over bridge at Changzamtok, Bhutan

May your wishes be fulfilled and prayers granted : Prayers to the
Memorial Chorten, Thimphu

Photo by someone special


Image from facebook 

Very devoted disciple to Buli Trulku

Mother nature has so much to offer us

Sangay Pelmo in Best of Drukyul


These children on their way back home were having the left overs from their lunch

full moon

Thimphu Tshechhu

?What do you see

  Cheki Painting School: Image of Guru
On my way to Kabisa

Walking Buddha, rear view

Sey Ata

Enjoying in the park with Sey Ata

From behind the Bushes, the Mighty looks at the world

Buddha in the park

"With Buli Trulku's heart son, fondly known by the name "Sey Ata

Thimphu Zangdopelri

Bent for Thimphu Tshechhu

The hunter, Sharop Acho regretting for having shot the arrow to Jetsun Milarepa,
the yogi, when the arrow returned back to hurt him. He is offering his bow and
arrow to the Lama and following him as a disciple. The deer returns to
the forest unharmed and the dogs run home happily.

Acho and Phento's Rimdro 

Acho and Phento's entertainment joined by Atsaras

Gyalpo and Gyalmo Chham

An elderly man viewing the Chham

Zhana Ngachaam

Viewers in the scorching sun

Atsaras entertaining....

Making for Home in the evening

Class picnic at Sangaygang, Thimphu

People are busy building buildings and He is watching them helplessly

Summer in Thimphu

My home (hostel) where I live, eat, sleep, halt and work
Tashi Lebey joined by our Director

Having Lunch

Organising games


With my friends

Busy cooks and helpers

Volley ball match 

My Capture

With Ugyen and Sonam

Thimp chhu

Queued up for breakfast

Degor Team

Throwing Degor

During RIM picnic: Namseling, 8/8/12

2009 in India: With my classmates; Chandana, Pryanka Majumdar, Victor Gesonga, 

Yangchen Karma and Vishnu. On our way to attending a seminar.

Tshothang Zangdo Pelri, 2010

Ache Lhamo Cham: The culture in degeneration. It is performed by the people 

of Shingkhar Lauri annually. 

Dungmanma village as seen from Poktor

Shar Brokpa Langchen

Class XII science B: Jigme Sherabling Higher Secondary School, Khaling, 2007

Discussing Rwandan and Bhutanese similarities: A cultural talk exchange with 

Mr. Salaganda

Buli Trulku Rinpoche, Lama Sonam Lodroe: My root teacher

With 2011 RCSC topper, Mr. Ugyen Dorji

With Salaganda (next to me) from Rwanda and Hayash Teenoth (next to Salaganda) 

Lecturer from India.

Rejuvenating life at Mangalore Beach: 2010 Experience

A day out at Arabean Sea, with my friend Karma Yeizer

My Family 

My Father: The Old Body and His New

One Saturday...a Fren's Edit

Growth With a Ray of Hope

The Supreme Court of Bhutan under construction

Wangdue Phodrang Dzong on fire

Burning down history and future: Wangdue Phodrang Dzong on fire. The fire, 
according to the reports broke out at around 4:30pm on 24/06/2012

Image from internet

During the conference: Outside the National Convention Hall at Langjophakha.

When asked why there is no diversification in economy in Bhutan as all the resources 
are diverted to hydro power projects, Lyonpo Yeshi answered saying it is always 
better to have many eggs in one basket than to have no eggs in any baskets.

Prof. Joseph Stiglitz (second from left), during the macroeconomic meeting certified 
that the rupee crisis Bhutan is facing today is not a crisis at all. He said that Bhutan 
has used money in an effective way by investing into its hydro power projects 
and that would generate more in the times to come.

This is my college: Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, Bangalore, South India.

During one of the cultural festivals at RIM

Receiving certificates from Her Majesty for Volunteering to assist raise funds for 
Tarayana foundation.

During the Tarayana fair: Conducting various games to generate fund for Tarayana 
foundation. Her Majesty making the inaugural basketball throw, the game
 I coordinated for three days 
from 4-7 may 2012.  

After the dinner: With her Majesty Azhi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck at Termalinca, 2012.

For every strong one there is a weak one: A building stands majestically when a weak wooden
 hut with its legs almost broken is seen to have difficult survival at Semtokha.

Social work, not only healthy for your health but also for the health of the society

Once in blue moon: out in the field

Welcome dance

Taking part in the welcome dance at RIM

Sogyal Rinpoche preaching at YDF

Royal Institute of Management, Semtokha, Thimphu

Looking down from Kuenselphodrang, Thimphu

BSAAI members with their newly appointed President, Vice and other office bearers.

During the formation of Bhutanese Students' Association of  Acharya Institues (BSAAI)  in 
Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Foundation Inaugural Address.

Complex and huge fly-overs in Brigade City, Bangalore, India

Wall paintings of Kuenzang Lhawang Tsemor Drupdey, Dungmanma, founded by  my 
late father.

Phobjikha, a place of beauty. A place loved by our heavenly visitors, Black necked cranes

When you return from the town, after four days of walk, people from home come to receive you
 with Ara and tea on the way. They help you carry your loads and you share them what you
 saw in the town; big vehicles, televisions, computers, and all the facilities that the town dwellers
 had been enjoying throughout their lives. More than anything, this is a good stuff for a village 
boy to throw himself in wonder.

Lauripas, when they come for shopping to their nearest town (Jomotsangkha), they halt their 
nights on the way.  They sleep under the tree, below the cliff and in the open ground praying for
 the local deities to protect them in the night. They carry pots, laddles, salts, chillies, rice, 
blankets, pillows etc. to comfort them on their way. 

Chirata, a medicinal plant grown in the forest is the only cash earning plant for Lauripas. 
There are no cash crops. They work for the whole year, in their fields, but what they work 
for gives them no sufficient food to feed their belly through the circle of 360 days. 
People gather Chirata and sell them at Nu 200 per kg.

Lauripas rushing for first-come-first ballots during their Thram transactions in the Geog

Gomchens performing Throe-mai Tshokhor in the newly constructed  Lhakhang of 

They have electricity. We have ovens. This is to feed my hungry oven. 

Lucky child born unlucky: Every child born in Lauri is bound to undergo numerous troubles 
in his/her life. See how children are being tended by mothers. Her navel was cut with a rusted 
knife unlike in the hospital where sisters attend to them with sterilized blades. There are
 limited hospitals in Shingkhar Lauri and people falling sick are bound to die. 

Sending a loved one away has never been easy for any parents. My village is enriched with 
age-old culture and tradition whereby relatives, near and far, come to reach you to a certain 
point on your way with Ara in the bottles and tea in flasks. They bid you farewell with tears 
and you walk away promising to bring them happiness when you return from your study. 

Poor people of Lauri are lined up along the road to make their ends meet. They live under 
pitched temporary huts working for others. Lauripas are much poorer than they are
 thought to be.

What could have been transported by vehicles in no time has to be carried in baskets by
 breathing machines (men) in Lauri. These metals are bound for Zangthi's BHU construction, 
which is two-day walk from Jomotsangkha.

Lauripas with heavy loads on their backs make through the rugged terrain  irrespective  
of the weather conditions such as rain and heat.

Road has not reached Lauri geog. It is still half way. Even then Lauripas are using the rough 
road to and fro paying Nu 100 for barely 14 kilometres of road. 

Graduates waiting for their turn to come

Over the bridge at Phangkhey ri...

Lauripas making their journey upward home carrying loads for two days

At Lungku: Meme Ngajay crossing the Dhansiri river with his horses. Behind: A man carrying 
metal pipe on his shoulder all the way from Jomotsangkha to Lauri

crossing a fragile wooden bridge on the way to Lauri...


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  2. Dear mingro,
    noted and thanks for creating such social net from your facebook.I enjoyed alot.I heard that you have created such network longtime ago but I could only see today because of my laziness.I should say that you are 'Times of Shingkhar Lauripa'because you are updating news and events happing there.I can say that you are 'Cultured Man'because you know folk tales of rural area.I know you are Journalist/Reporter before but still you are double Reporter in the sense you know every thing happening in and around the country even after your life as a Reporter.You are like a 'Historian' because you know about past and then relates with present for the better performance of future.In short,you are a 'man of everything'
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    1. Thank you Mingro for your valuable comments. I am happy that I you find goodness in my small work. It has been a few years since I developed my blog. I developed this to mainly bring in the issues that surrounds the local folks. I wanted to make known their difficulties and sufferings. I started with such noble thought but owing to my inability to manage time and also due to inadequacy of knowledge, I have not been able to push forward many things.

      Anyhow, I am deeply honored to be called the "Times of Shingkhar Lauri". Thank you for this label although I least deserve it. All the writings here in my blog are my personal experiences. Being born in an underprivileged family, I had to fight hard before I reached this spot. And in due course of my fighting, I learnt so much that it would fill thousands of pages. Moreover, as a journalism student, I learnt more when I traveled from across the country.

      I am just taking note of my life's journey here. I hope I give you pleasure to read. Thank you Mingro for your comments. I welcome more in the future. Thank you. Keep reading. Best Wishes....