Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Reply to Dasho Wangchuk Drukpa

The following is a letter written to me by his excellency Dasho Wangchuk Drukpa through facebook. With great respect and humble submission, I publish here in my blog, his letter and my reply to it.

Dasho Writes:

Dear Tempa Gyeltshen,

In fact, we Shingkhar Lauripas are deeply impressed and envying for creating your blog and bringing issues to our Shingkhar Lauripas that affect us directly or indirectly. Why can’t you write a heartbreaking article on snail progress of our farm road to Shingkhar Lauri. It is a matter of everybody’s concern and our Farm Road is not at all progressing. The construction of our Farm Road began even before the formation of the DPT Government and is nearing the completion of its five year term but what is wrong with our Farm Road construction. And it is really pitiful that Lyonpo Zangley had spoken not at all a welcoming speech in the NA but demeaned the living standard of Shingkhar Lauripas and the same article that you have posted in your blog. Try to do something and send strong message for the next round election.

My (attempted) reply:


Thank you very much for your encouraging words. I am deeply honored that you find some goodness in my small initiative. As a layman, I have always been looking up to you as a role model. And truly you have inspired many Shingkhar Lauripas by proving yourself up through the high profile rung in the civil service. And you have also proved that “Lauripas can do”. Thank you for showing us the way and leading up younger generations like us.

Regarding the coming of the farm roads in our locality, it has indeed, as Dasho rightly mentioned, inherited a snail’s crawl. The much excitement and expectations of Lauripas developed on the coming of the road is gradually waning. As you said, it is a matter of everybody’s concern. When I first joined Kuensel to intern, my concern and focus, in my capacity as a beginner, was on the construction of the farm road in our place. My first ever published article in the paper carried the story of our road under the headline “15 years, 15 km”. The road, in retrospection has taken 15 years to cut approximately 15 kilometres, starting from Jomotsangkha (Daifam) to reach Tokaphung. This was because of the long and unending halts at many points owing to contractors refusing to further the construction saying the rugged terrain was a problem. 

However, in the recent year, we have got some reasons to breathe out solace. The pace at which the road is constructed has increased and more than ever, the road (though blocked most of the time) has reached nearer to our homes. Our walking distance (one way) has been reduced to one day as people of Lauri now need to come till Phokchuri for shopping. This is a good news and a “change” that we see today. 

But with the DPT’s tenure, as Dasho mentioned, coming to an end in less than a year from now, many questions are raised as to whether the road will reach the Gewog centre in Lauri before the government resolves. The only thing we can do now is wait and watch them doing and accordingly move our thumbs in the next election. DPT still has miles to go and promises to keep. We shall not rear the dog that barks aloud but guards our fields well.

And with regard to Lyonpo Zangley Dukpa’s statement, made on 04/07/2012, he must have his own stand. I believe, rather than a slip of tongue, his was a deliberate plan to attack us, the poor lot in the far flung remote areas who have nothing more than rice and potatoes to eat. 

Dasho, I will keep posting in my blog whenever issues regarding our place pop up. It is only through this that we can keep a track of developmental activities in our place. I would also like to request Dasho to render necessary direction and advice in the times to come la. 

Thanking you 

Yours faithfully 
(Tempa Gyeltshen)


  1. good one! Democracy is all about letting ourselves heard.

  2. Thankyou very much for going through my blog and providing me with valuable comments...keep reading

  3. I am not from Lauri but I live quite near to know about the place. The farm road is progressing quite well since the DOR took over its construction despite the summer rain and the landscape which hinders the progress. As you have written the walking distance has been reduced to one day and people are seen coming to Phokchiri and Jomotsangkha for shopping...
    And very soon (in about less than a year) the electrification work will be complete, so I can say that some positive changes will definitely be seen soon in your Geog...

    1. Thank you for your information Mr Sangay. I am happy that you know about our place and informing me,...looking forward for the same in future share me about you and your work la....

    2. welcome Mr.Tempa... bt a small correction... I am a female civil servant working in near your home town... :)

    3. I am extremely sorry for the mistake committed. Hope you did not mind la....keep reading lol

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