Friday, November 25, 2011

The Wake-up Call

Looking Higher 
A hundred years of sleep
Was long, sound and quintessential.
It's time now, that
you throw away your blankets,
tear away pillows
drench mattresses and sprinkle,
on your clumsy faces,
the droplets of fresh democratic water,
fresh from the source,
as cold as the icy snow.

Get up! Walk!
Stop dreaming, no illusion,
no delusion, reality has come.
Think! Walk ahead,
Throw away your dreams,
not behind your footsteps
but to the front,
On the land untraveled.
Follow your dreams,
Catch him! Hold him!
Tight! Tightly tight!

Ask what you need
and demand what they prohibit,
You are born here
and this is your land,
You have the right to fight;
Not with the swords of steel,
But with the teeth of wisdom.

Never turn back,
Go forward, avoid ditches,
Each step you move
the interior you reach by a step,
You are a man
And a man never cries,
You have the gift—the Head,
If they can rule
Why can't you?

Know your potentials,
Don't sow them in your boggy land
Divert their way,
Let them take you high,
And higher till you are at the top.

Disown your ignorance
Chase it to a far away land,
Beyond the seamless oceans
Bid farewell to poverty, pain
and diseases.

Walk straight!
Into the heart of the Universe.
Find the glaring Volcanoes,
feel the heat, share your odysseys,
Show your fellow the ways,
And lead them! If not, push them -
the goat like beings.

Come! Follow the right man,
He has a torch in his hand
Do not pull him down,
for you have a habit
to envy the man with success.
He who is leading
is leading for the good cause,
Do not dethrone him;
Do not envy him;
The Bringer of Light.

He knows your pains
as he is a flower of the same plant,
You failed to bloom
While he survived:
the cold winter, bee stings,
hot summers, and though distorted,
He has come—come back to care his family,
He has unearthed an umbrella
to protect us, shade us and warm us
and until he leaves the world,
He will never leave the axle of the umbrella
out of his hands.

So get up and follow him.
Join him, support him, befriend him,
Reach him to the central
and he knows what he ought to do.

They have long gone
and here we are, trudging our way,
Trying every road with no destinies
We'll move slowly and steadily,
and win the race one day.
But keep walking! Keep your pace constant.

Do not jump for strawberries
like a child,
Do not fear barking dogs
for they seldom bite,
Keep your eyes focussed—
focussed to the centre,
Take a deep breathe
and swallow your fear,
Excel a long sigh
and vomit your worry,
Do not inherit them
like your forefathers.

We are going to make it—
make it one day,
When the stars favour us
When the luck merits us
Our hard works will be repaid
in tonnes of Gold,
But we have to work hard
Till our bones and muscles are separated,
Till our nails leave our fingers.

We had enough sleep—enough
Now listen to the cock crowing
and see the Dawn Dawning,
Get your tools on your shoulders
and set forth, without a grunt.

Your fathers tried their best
Yet luck was not their doll,
They cried all their lives
Yet no one pitied,
They yelled all aloud
Yet no one heard,
They sacrificed all their lives,
Yet no one saw.

Begin a new sentence—
A new sentence of hope;
A new sentence of promise;
Do not wait for the Gods
to bring home the freedom,
our fathers waited Him
all their lives,
Yet no one saw Him,
He was busy flirting
In the heavenly abode.

Yes! He was right,
Why should He panic for others
When he has an abode?
Just pray him,
He is a God and must be prayed
whether he hears or not,
Pray him without expectations,
Do not expect him in your dirty village.

Life has so much to do
for tiny human beings,
He is a God,
Shouldn't his duty be paramount?

You may say,
He is Omniscience and Omnipresent
Yes! I must agree you,
But who would love to be with us?
In this remote, dirty village—
no light, no road, no food
Would he mind to chew
the maize husks like us?
And dine tree leaves?
No god would ever come.

If he comes, at all,
He may expect offers from you;
What presentable things you have
than those barren land's boulders?
But he may say, “Its too heavy and useless too.”

You shake hands with him,
but what is the use?
The moment he leaves,
Your blessed hands have to
open the pig sty,
Dig for stools to fertilize your chillies.

Follow your Leader,
The product of a century's prayer
Behold him true to your hearts,
and he'll take you higher in your life—
To the horizon and beyond.

Never look back in slightest attachment,
Your wife, children, pigs, dogs, cats, cows
All of them are following you,
They don't want sufferings.

Never ever carry spears,
They go blunt once used
and rust if unused,
Carry your sharpened wit
The more you use,
The more sharp it becomes.

Keep your hearts warm,
It's the only machine that you got.
Nothing else do we have,
Youth have reluctantly gone,
Old age has hastily come,
Before we die
Let us unitedly create a heaven
for our younger generations,
And evacuate them
out from the Samsara.

Let us break through—
Through the middle of the sky
In search of light;
In search of wisdom;
In search of justice;
Uproot all the fears,
Backwardness, taboos, so on
Spit on them, dump it in the abyss of hell
for hell is the proprietor of these.

Come out, to the front
Get the rays of the sunshine,
Feel it seeping into your born,
Nourish your spirit,
Raise them! Prune them!
And grow it into a full-leaved tree
Unaffected, Unseen by the pests.

Come, my people!
Follow your lighter—
Your excellent guide—
Who knows suffering
As he himself has suffered,
Follow him like sheep
to the abode of Freedom,
into the Modernization.

When we reach our destinations
We'll sing with our hearts,
Dance with our souls,
Celebrate to the will of ours.

But we have to wake up now!


  1. Hey!!!!!!!!!! Well written and I like it so much. Good Work and yeah its time for us to wake up. Every small changes you make will make a difference, and you have started now and I am very happy for that. Good luck

  2. Thank you very much Yangchen for reading my scribbles and commenting. I am glad that you are also of the same notion to bring changes to make a difference in our lives. Keep reading la ...thanx..