Sunday, November 27, 2011

Media in Bhutan

I have been disappointed several times by the way newsmakers treat me. At times, I feel, looking for news is just like digging for gold. You have to dig a huge area without being sure whether you would get the gold at the end of the day. Similarly, you speak thousand words requesting earnestly without knowing whether the newsmaker would, in turn, share some information. It appears more or less like begging though you don't even expect a cup of tea.

Reporters in other countries carry a flag of pride. But in Bhutan, they are treated like a street dog with its tail hidden between its legs. However, reporters are kept alive by the fact that they are into bringing social changes and developments through providing right information to the people. 

No matter, how the world treats us, sees us, and handles us, we the reporters will be the reporters with our duty - just like a farmer with spade on his shoulders during the season - to report for transparency, integrity and efficiency of the government. The fourth estate must continue to serve its purpose irrespective of how newsmakers hate. 

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