Friday, November 25, 2011

The Happiness

Happiness was not at all the greater part of developmental concept a few decades ago. Everyone was seen accumulating wealth in order to build happiness around their lives. They were working for happiness but were lost in the abyss of materialism. Measuring happiness by the amount of the wealth one accumulates, we were, in fact, one step behind what we were measuring. If happiness is to be measured by the amount of wealth one has, one would never be happy because one would never be contended. Personally I have seen big shots—with lots of wealth to be thrown away—unhappy.

What enlightened us was the introduction of this mega-concept; not only to the world's table but also into the hearts of everyone. People were not clear what they were pursuing in fact. And with the concept uttered vivid, one can now see clearly what one does.

There are no beings on the earth that don't want happiness. 'Happiness' is a piece of cake for everyone to eye upon. Everyone desire happiness yet are entangled in the net of sufferings. It is believed in Buddhism that if one wants happiness, he or she must look for other's happiness. However, we just do the opposite. We seek happiness for the self portraying ourself to be very selfish. In this web of life, one lands up with sufferings rather than happiness that one seeks for.

In my life, I would be most contended if I can look for the benefit of others. When ever I sight a pathetic situation, a genuine urge forces out of my heart to do something for the sufferer. Yet being myself fastened with the same rope, I hardly see options for the elevation of others.

I wish a touch of mine could cure the prolonged disease of my people. I wish I had the power to take them higher to the horizon in their lives. I wish I could be a great protector of them. I wish them to see solace on their mind whenever they come across me.

I have no wealth to make them happy. Hailing from a poor parents' lap, I have nothing that I can share with them except a heart that perennially beats for them. Yet this heart beat cannot do anything for the sufferers. I came to know, from my past experience that if someone wants to help others, it is also a necessity that someone must have a certain degree of power and wealth. This, however, may sound unethical but it is true for the one.

For instance, if I see a hungry man, I have to have money or food (wealth) to feed him. Otherwise, I must have a power to take him into some of the restaurants and feed him. Just thinking by heart that he is hungry will never help him satiate his hunger and relieve from the pain. In this way, I can assure him happiness, though temporary, through wealth and power.

If many such 'temporary happiness' is added, it amounts to a happy life for the life is but made up of bits of happiness like the thousand bricks that mould into a huge, immovable building.

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