Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Even in Dreams…

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It was an early morning. I was sitting sad by the side of a river. The river was too big and vast. I was all alone, trying to get to the other side of the valley. But the river being too big, I was not able to cross it. Finding no way, I was sitting sad, on a white stone, by its side.

I am narrating my last night’s dream.

Instantly, to my surprise, a horse came near me. And it was Sermo. Sermo was my dedicated horse who suffered equally for my education and died in the year 2011. She bored 4 colts and 3 fillies during her entire life. Every year when I get back home for winter vacation from school, she would have given birth. And when I go to school, the next season, I would sell her beloved child (referred affectionately) and with that money, I would travel to school.

During summer she would have carried several loads of load for many people and earned a little amount which I would, in turn, use them to buy my school uniform and shoes. As a child, enthusiastic to go to school, I would remain in great gratitude for her help. I would often say to my mother that I could go to school only because of Sermo. My mother would take good care of her. She was my breathing asset. I would share my food with her and she would eat everything I give.

Her last child I sold was when I went to India for my higher studies. It was her last child too. When in India, I would ask my mother about Sermo. Getting to hear about her would bring great joy in me. If it was not for her, I would have been left in the village, uneducated. This is because I come from a very poor family with poor financial background. There was much joy I derived from an innocent animal who was supposed to have sent to the world to help me.  

However, my happiness did not last long. Sermo fell ill. When I was half way through my third year, she was seriously ill. She rejected grass, water and food. And when I graduated, she died. It was as if to say that her work was complete and mission achieved when I graduated. Sorrows strike me as I lost someone close to me. She was not an animal for me but a benevolent human being. She was closer to me like any family member.

When I reached home, after my graduation, I could see nothing but the remains of her body in the forest above my village. I could do nothing than to shed tears and mumble a few words of prayers that I learnt using her money. I prayed for her swift return as a human being and meet me so that I can return her the knowledge I acquired using her money. I offered butter lamps for her soul and collected a piece of bone to load into a river, to take it to the far away ocean, as a gesture to reunite with the universe. It was such a sad day that I felt empty without her.
Ever since then, I have never dreamt of her. But in my last night’s dream, she had come to my rescue again. As I waited at the river side, unable to cross it, she came to help me. I sat astride on her and she reached me to the other side of the river. She sank deep but I was never wet by the water.

She is there, even in my dream, to help me out. I got up immediately and thanked her again this time with prayers: “If you are still around in the Samsara, may you be freed and relieved from it immediately.”  


  1. Is that the real kurta Sermo? The one in the picture?

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    1. Thanx is wonderful yet sad a dream....

  3. Sermo must be very proud of you. She must be watching every step you make; like obviously she came to your rescue when you were unable to cross the river. In contrary to what you think, she must a Bodhisattva who compassionately chose to stay back in the khorwa to help use get out of samsara.

    1. What you said could be one reason, Lop Pelgen! But because she has an animal body, she has to overcome that even if she is a Bodhisattva. Owning an animal body, one cannot practice Dharma. Thats why I prayed her to be born firstly as a human being. From among the six realms (Drowa Rig Druk), human world is the only place feasible to practice Dharma. So she should come to this world and practice Dharma for the next successive good rebirths...