Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday: How Dear Are You to Others?

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When wishes from your friends fly to you on your birthday, you are excited for reasons beyond your imagination. A scintillating joy returns to your heart when you think for the second time that you are remembered as someone dear and near to them.
However, you know how dear you are to others when your birthday goes without even a wish. You are sitting by the window waiting for someone to wish you but no one bothers. You are keeping your mobile alive near you but you receive no messages. You are walking by the footpath expecting someone to join you by your hands but you reach your unplanned destination alone. You enter into your office expecting a big cake but face scolding from your Boss.
Today is my Birthday. On this day, a dark, tiny clown was born in the far remote village hidden behind the door where the broom usually lives. My mother says that my navel was cut with a rusted knife and I was washed in a wooden bowl. She says that the moment I was born, I was given a mouthful of butter. I grew up. I led a life half-burnt in the sun.
My parents have never bothered to celebrate my birthday, nor for my brothers. Simply, no custom in the village! But the world where I live today has this tradition. People wish birthdays with lots of fun and gifts. More than anything, this fashion has driven present century mad. Was I wrong to long for the same then?
I have hundreds of friends spread across the world. But who remembers a pauper like me? I didn't expect great things but a mere wish as a gesture of friendship. Yet no phone calls! No messages! No gifts! And no wishes!
The day came to an end. And I was resigning for the night when a sharp ringing sound alerted me. It was a message. I quickly unlocked the keypad longing for a message from someone I expected. It read “BOBL would like to wish you a very happy birthday.”
My heart burst into joy immediately. A little later, coming back, I had to question, “Who is this BOBL?” Not the name of my friend! Not the one I expected!
I came to know that it was the Bank of Bhutan’s Auto Teller Machine (ATM) wishing me.
Great! Once programmed, the machine doesn’t forget but do things as programmed on time. But once departed, we people forget each other and do not bother to say “Hi” and “Hello”. We have got hearts but we are worst than heartless machines.
Thankyou BOBL for wishing me “Happy Birthday.” I know you are a heartless machine but your wish have touched someone's heart.You have my prayers and wishes in return.  


  1. Happy Birthday. I didn't know yesterday was your birthday, I join along with BOBL to wish you a very very Happy Birthday.

  2. Thanx Bro...In fact I never expected from you because I knew that you are busy. hehe....anyhow thanx for that la.. may ur wishes take me high upward the rung...thanx lol

  3. haha it was really a nice one tempa....whens your birthday actually? i will make sure..i don't forget to atleast wish you on your special day *(O_~)*