Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Heavenly Visitors

 I reached Gangtey late in the evening. Except for the cold, I could not sense anything. But I had heard that Gangtey overlooks Phobjikha, the roosting valley for the black-necked cranes.

The morning gave me a spell. As I wound down the valley, I was overwhelmed. The valley stretched beautifully with a meandering stream through the middle of the ground. The birds lie alongside the stream under the rays of clear sun.

It's beautiful to watch them dancing. They swim across the ponds and dance once they are out. They walk in pairs like lovers bound by fate. The parent-child relationship is also seen among the birds. The so-called mother walks ahead of the juvenile pecking and finding food. 
When one bends down for the food, the other keeps a close watch for predators.

They are the heavenly birds with white feathers and a black tail. It's amazing to see them fly. They fly around the locality, across the snow-capped mountains and green forests leaving us unforgettable memories only to be cherished for many years to come.

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