Friday, December 16, 2011

I Fear No Beasts But Man

Today, the world is just opposite as you might like to think. What has been a 'deadly danger' has come to be a 'play' for man. What was incredible has come to be credible. I used to fear beasts in my younger days. I dared not go out of my room, in the night, fearing what we called 'Ghosts' and 'Beasts'. Without the accompaniment of my mother, I would not walk out a step in the night.
Today I have grown up with beard and mustache all over my face. I have become just like one of the beasts or ghosts for smaller children. I have grown physically strong and braver ever. I no longer ask for my mother's accompaniment when I go out in the night. I no longer cry.
But I see, within me, a different fear developed. With time, more than ever, I became fearful to Man. I had, for the past many years, thought the strongest and the bravest in the world can be no other than the Beasts but I have discovered a new one. No beasts are ever stronger than Man. I fear no beasts but man. Man is the super Beast. I see man capturing Beasts and taming them. I see the huge unbelievable beasts falling prey to a small black-headed animal.
To walk, today, in the street, is no longer safe. You have our speaking Beasts on every turning of the path and corner of the room, waiting for the fate-bound to fall for them. It may be for the want of a stick of cigarette but the other is beaten brutally. It may just be for their pleasure, but the other is frightened terribly.
Our society is no longer safe. The group roaming in the city, as if they are on duty, have seeded fear in every late and lone walker. I have often questioned myself as to why they don't throw themselves into the warm blankets, in the dreading cold weather, instead of being out for nothing.

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