Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ode To The Chair

Are you the Chair
With which my fate's bound?

A mystery wraps me still
Whether you waited me
Or I trudged forth.
Never in my life
Have I suffered more than to get you.

Just after the graduation
Every reason flipped in to offer me excitements,
But hearing I must meet you
My heart shunned all those.

For you,
I left my work behind
To attend the orienting program,
For I needed a certificate—
A ticket to heaven—
To see you.

And for you,
I answered hundred questions;
You needed fifty-five
And I gave you eighty.
You shunned a thousand
And picked up a few good.

I was summoned to your chamber
To see if I was a worthy sitter
And adorable for you,
You asked me for documents
And I gave you in originals.
You asked me to sign
And I touched my throat.
You gave me a test
And I wrote it on sunday
When all were on leave.
I remained awake into the late night
When all went to sleep,
Thinking what your mighty would ask!

You asked me Dzongkha
And I said 'I am a Bhutanese.'
You asked me English and I said,
'I'm yet to draw relation with Shakespeare.'
You asked me history
And I wrote my path of sufferings
Of how I began and struggled to meet you.

You squeezed my head,
I was compelled to compete-
Three hundred and thirty-
For only thirty-six seats
And I made at 13.

And this wasn't the end
You wanted to hear my voice
And weigh each word that exit my mouth,
You fired me bullets of questions
And I gave you a rigid wall.
You asked me to sing,
I sang you 'Alau Pholang Ngamla,'

Now that I have met you
I have the chance to sit on you.
You have troubled me enough
Trying to shun me at every point.

And still you say
You waited for me,
Its a mystery
Whether you waited me
Or I trudged forth.

But let's understand this way—
I've seen you
Because I trudged forth,
You have seen me
Because you waited for me.


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