Monday, December 5, 2011

The Fortune of a Saviour

Tenzin completed his bachelor's degree in May and had to wait till December, more than half of a year, for his RCSC results to be out. He did not like the government wasting so much of somebody's precious life in waiting. So with the thought of not remaining idle, he joined one of the national newspapers as an amateur reporter. Being a daily, the work evolved around the clock and one would reach home late in the evening, when everyone had gone to sleep.
Tired and exhausted, Tenzin was dropped by the office car till the road junction from where he had to walk for half an hour to reach his home. It was 11:30pm. He pushed off himself from the vehicle and bidding farewell to the driver, he set off quickly upward.
To his surprise, in a moonless night, he saw a black object to a distant. A cold fear crept down into his throat and reached the bottom of his heart. He neared it slowly suspecting a ghost and found a kneeling girl weeping.
He enquired what had happened and the girl, in broken sentences jolted by repeated sighs, told that she was being raped by an elderly man. Tenzin being a religious-minded man, who can little afford to neglect the sufferings, picked her up and carried her to his home as her parents were not near. He offered him food and his coat to cover her Kira, torn by the rapist, who had fled immediately after getting the nectar.
The girl was on her way to her friend's home when a driver offered her a lift. The driver however, on reaching a thicket, pulled her out and raped.
Tenzin became emotional on hearing the rudeness of the drivers. In the morning, he offered a little money he had saved for buying a pair of shoes to her and sent her home. He wished for her good life ahead and returned back to his room.
Hardly had he finished thinking of how a man could be generous like him, in times of need, when his door unusually knocked. A group of policemen had come to him. To thank him? No! To handcuff him!
He was dragged into the prison innocently. The thankless parents of the girl, after being unable to find the rapist, chose to charge Tenzin the legitimate culprit. As a proof, the parents showed the police his coat and money that he gave her out of mercy.
Tenzin got a lesson in his life. He knew how a genuine saviour can deem bad in the modern world. His monologue in the darkness was nothing other than his regret for having helped the girl.
He wished he could have also raped the girl till her death and slipped away into never-seeing world so that her parents could have wished for someone who could have saved her.

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