Saturday, October 16, 2010


A day like this would never come in our life but I don’t mean to say that this is our final day. We have just begun the beautiful college life story of our freshers with our beloved Principal and respected lecturers coming in to grace the occasion.
On behalf of Principal, Lecturers, Organizers and on my own, I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all our new comers. Welcome to all.
Today, we are here, under the roof of Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies residing in the branch of B.A department. You have come here from different parts of the world and if you visualize yourself as to see why you are here, you will find, within yourself, the wind of fate blowing perennially. Our destinations were designed to meet together; so we are here, face to face, in this auditorium today. Indeed, we are very delighted to welcome you and this, nothing but a small function is to welcome you, all our new comers formally to the BA department.
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies has been founded in the year 2005 and since its establishment, the college has been gaining a rapid momentum with the increased number of enthusiastic students getting enrolled every year. With its motto as “Nurturing Excellence”, AIGS stands not only firm in nurturing excellence but also in excelling excellence through a number of functions being conducted throughout the academic year. Today’s world is a paradigm shift from what it was just a decade ago and the competence, if we are to measure has grown enormously over the years. You have come here like a bee in search of nectar and I believe this is the right flower that would give you the maximum quantity of nectar to quench your thirst.
Leaving your loved ones behind and having to stay in an alien land, coping up with different cultures, life styles, foods and so on would bring doses of sadness in you. But you must always be reminded of the prime purpose of your coming here. I believe you have come here with a BIG DREAM. So make your dreams come true by working hard as hard work is the only key to the success. Always be reminded that we are tomorrow’s ambassadors to the world rather than being saddened. I believe you should feel lucky enough for you are getting an opportunity to mingle with many people across the world. This is where your international understanding begins at large knowing the happiness and sadness of other people.
I hope, by now all of you are well-settled. Adjustments to the environment are a matter of a few days while your career would matter for your whole life. So it’s of utmost importance to settle fast and start your career at the best run possible. I, on behalf of the organizer wish you all a happy stay with a successful career. We as your brothers and sisters are always here to help you, guide you and care you.
With this, I come to the end with great expectation of your full support and cooperation throughout your stay here.
I promise you all that every day will be the bringer of new experiences in your life.

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