Friday, August 20, 2010


Teachers are great! They are the lighters of our life who, selflessly serve to enlighten us from the Samsara. They are the one who grooms us into a great personality in our life and the gratitude, to owe, is immeasurably immeasurable. I may forget everything, even myself, with time but my teachers, who fed me with tones of knowledge will never be forgotten, till the world is in its last leg. Even after my death, my soul shall remember their godly names and their heavenly teachings. My body is impermanent and if I do not remind my soul, at this time with my heart’s presence, it may not know how much my heart longed for all those God-like teachers.I have received teachings and advices from 73 teachers as of now. Among them, other than my great father and mother, who introduced me into this world, Buli Truelku Rinpoche(presently in Shingkhar Lauri, Zangthi, Tshothang) is my root teacher(Tsawai Lama) and the fourteenth Dalai Lama is my Role Model. I am a product of all of their teachings. May their teachings live long and serve the sentient beings’ uplifting process. Henry Adams marked, “A teacher affects eternity; No one can tell where his influence stops”. So are my teachers’ influences. I don’t know where their words of advice will have no utility. The greatness of a teacher is known when, even a thousand-times reincarnated Buddha had to sit in front of his teacher to learn all the basics to master them. The world without teachers is akin to a moonless darkened night. We may know that we have to walk to reach the destiny but we’ll be unsure of what next step would bring in us as we are no different from a blind walker. If I know how to write today, it isn’t without their pristine and crystal-clear assistance of yesterday. When my knowledge shall ripen into a reddened consumable fruit of Wisdom, I shall thank them, heartily, my loving Gurus.

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