Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Inspiring Lessons from Tiny Ants

Great Ants: Picture from Google.com
Last evening I was reading some of the documents that I had downloaded sometimes ago. I have a habit of storing documents to be read in the future with the assumption that I would be blessed with leisure hours. I read a few. My most interesting and inspiring reading was about the tiny ants. For that reason, I wanted to share it to my readers.

Ants are such tiny creatures on earth that live with great dreams and preparations. They build castles and celebrate. They fight wars and shed blood. They carry their dead friends on top of their head to show to the world their devotion and loyalty towards a friend. But do we notices these?

I could not stop appreciating their life and their philosophy of living. Reading the piece, I was taken aback to my young days where I spent days watching them work around their castle. However, I had drawn no such inspirations then. Today I find that we can learn great lessons from them.

Ants never quit: If you try to block their way, they look for another way ahead and soon you find them joining the procession. Unlike us, they never challenge the man disturbing them although they have weapons ready. They remain focused to their destination. They are with a mission. They never give up.  

Ants think winter all summer and summer all winter: By the mid of summer, you find ants spread wide across in search of food. That’s when they think about the arrival of cold winter. Rather than enjoying the warmth of summer days, they are frozen with the thoughts of winter.  They prepare in advance. It is important to be realistic and think ahead with effective plans.

And in winter, all they do is plan for summer. They remind themselves that winter will not last long. So on the first warm day, they are out. Should they find the weather outside cold, they drive back to their home with the hope that a warm day would come soon. This is how they remain positive all the time.

Do all that you possibly can: How much will an ant gather during the summer to prepare for the winter? All that it possibly can! This teaches us to do all that we can. Not half-hearted but live to the best of our ability.

If a creature like an ant can inspire us, we ought to inspire many with our determination. Never give up, think ahead, remain positive and do all you can.  


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    1. Thank you for going through my post...

    2. such an wonderful creature 'ants' inspire you and together bringing their unnoticed character into realistic by writing what they do really for your readers. .............great

    3. Animals are great teachers..hehe