Monday, September 9, 2013

Great Imaginations…

Art By Students
I have always been fascinated by paintings of the great people of past. To this day, I cherish their drawings and look for similar one in the markets. They are so expert that their drawings do not appear as if they are drawn but like it has been captured by one of the powerful cameras. When I see such beautiful drawings, I wish I could draw like them. But pencils choose not to dance on my fingers.  How poor!
Yesterday was a surprise for me. I was overwhelmed by the drawings, small hands made, at the Children’s Park below Changlingmithang.  The artists were from the Pre-Primary schools but some of their drawings were like those of the great artists’. Looking at their art, I could sense that they have already drawn their future.
Drawings go well if we can visualize scenes well.  Right from the selection of colors to the application of dark or light, bright or dim hues, it demands a great skill. However, children seem to have learnt all those. Their paintings were so beautiful. I am thinking to walk around for the second time. 

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