Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Life like a Dream…

Songs have always kept me alive. Whenever emotions strike me, I turn to songs for advice and courage. The beautifully composed words of songs, I find, are very powerful to console my heart. Listening to it brings motivation in me saying “forget your unfathomable pain of the past and start living the present life”.

Yesterday, I was browsing my wife’s laptop and I happened to click on a VLC media player saved on the desktop. It started to run and later I discovered that it was a song “Milam-tsam-gi-mitshey-na” by Jigme Ngedup and Pem Dechen (If I am not mistaken), two of my best singers. The words of the song are, I must say, beautifully crafted. I felt touched and could not control my emotions. I realized that our life is indeed short like a dream as sung in the song.

When I was listening, my wife came in. I told her, “The song you have kept on the desktop is beautiful and soul-touching”. She told me, “This was the very song that helped me pull through my difficult times”.

For the beauty of the song, I (try to) translate (with the fear of misinterpreting and losing originality). Give a read anyhow and help me translate better.   


Boy:    In a dream-like life of mine
The desire of my mind haunts me time and again,
Am I not seeing a magical dream?
Or am I not getting connected with the past?
My mind doesn’t know anything about it
My Dear Sweetheart!

Girl:    Whatever I have done
I have done in ignorance,
Now I regret;
Forgive me, my hearty friend

The so called Norbu Gedoeth Pungjom—
I did not know it was a relic,
Today it befriends me in my sad days,
            Today it befriends me when I am broken,
How sad is my life!

Boy:    The picture that is drawn in my heart
Is the drawing of your charming face!
It will never be vanished,
Be there forever
And never be shattered.

Boy:    The heart that is inside my body
Is ageless, and it’s for you,
The love is the nature of my mind
And it cannot be forgotten forever (so long as the mind exist)
My life is meant for you,
My Sweetheart!
Do not be sad, please!
And do not ever regret
You will have a day to be happy and joyous,
I love you from the bottom of my heart

Dedicated to My Dear Wife


  1. Wow! A wonderful one. Well with regard to the singer, i guess it should be 'Dechen Pem' and not 'Pem Dechen' as you have mentioned. But my favourite singer is Pem Lham. Haha you know the type of song i listen. Your wife must be very proud and happy of you.

    I cannot comment anything on your translation since i don't know the lyrics. But i know the tune. Guess tune need not be translated..haha..

    1. I wish i can translate the tune too. The words appear strong because it is blended with a soft and melancholic tune. Thank you for the correction. I thought I wrote Dechen Pem haha.... Regarding the type of song you listen, I have no comments. I like the type of song you are in love with. I also am your type haha...dangpu dingpu haha....

  2. Thank you so much....love is unseen, yet, never die...

  3. some edition....

    In a dream-like life of mine
    The inclination of my mind haunts me time and again,
    Am I not seeing an illusionary dream?
    Or the past karmic debt is arising?
    My mind of bad action doesn’t know anything about it
    My Dear Sweetheart!

    Haha Ata m kidding la as i know it is like teaching Buddha ka kha ga nga haha