Friday, July 19, 2013

If I do not scratch from earth, I have no possibility of acquiring from Sky.

Nothing is sadder in life than being in a helpless situation. When the world around you moves, you have to stand still like one of the broken legs of a centipede, functionless, useless and lifeless. Yet in the case of this creature, the broken leg is being pulled, pushed and nurtured by other legs and its body. In the case of us, human beings, we have no much of such altruistic spirits: to help others and push them ahead even before us. What we have at our throat is the stiff competition. The thought that I must win or I must be richer than others reigns the centre of our life. Exposed to the industrial smokes of the region, our heart is getting blackened with the passage of time.
In such a world, the survival of someone who is just seeking to begin his life is questionable not only because he has no wealth to start off but also because he has no helping hands around. With nothing probable, the ultimate source beginners look at is what they receive at the end of the month, salary. Now, how much is that salary? Hardly adequate, given the existing situation! It hardly makes to the last date, 30 or 31 of the month. Every month, whatever the astrologers predict to be auspicious, becomes a month of struggle, difficulties and sufferings. Every day we find ourselves trying hard to survive instead of living. I fear we are forgetting to live. We never wake up in the morning feeling we have enough for the day. Such is the hardships or pains born in the hearts of every people.
I live in such a realm with thousands of question. I am not excited of making wealth but I am worried about sustaining lives that of mine and my family. The little amount that I earn is hardly enough. Nothing is sadder in life than being in a pathetic situation. When worst situations surrounds, I always try to explore other means that are cheaper and affordable. Making of this, my Pen Tray out of a paper box (cover of my water boiler) is one such exploration of mine. I am using this in my office. If I do not scratch from earth, I have no possibility of acquiring from the sky.
Lives of Bhutanese people have to be improved. Happiness is not only about the moon-like shape of our mouth; it is also about the dancing heart. Now with the new ‘promising’ government elected, I am looking forward to a better life.


  1. I agree with you. I talked with my friends here in the office about it. They were quite courageous to say that it is all because of my desire to acquire more.
    Well I cannot deny about this fact, but I am forced to be desirous when my salary would not allow me to manage basic needs of the day. It is pinching when the amount I get at the end of the month hardly takes me to end another month. I have desire; so that I can feed my family with quality diet till the end of the month.

  2. ཆོག་ཤེས་ལྡན་ན་ ནོར་ལ་མང་ཉུང་མེད་ ata be contended with what u have and think of other people who don't have nothing to eat hehe

    1. It is meant never to say "I want more". I mean to say "I want to live" heheheeee