Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why Should You Wait to See others Die?

With an acute desire to see his arch enemy dead, he bought newspapers every day by spending a little amount he earned from his work. It was into each paper that he looked for his enemy’s obituary. He wanted him to be dead no sooner than before. He wanted his name to appear in the newspaper’s obituary column.

However, his foe did not die even after several months of waiting and longing. If he had not been summoned by the Lord of Death, how could he? Rather than his enemy, the obituary column happened to be for the many other unlucky and poor. He would grumble in utter anger when papers did not carry his foe’s name. He would swing it away behind the door recklessly.   

Months flew and years drove. He grew old and his nerves to work weakened. This led to the reduction of his salary and the reduction affected his ability to buy newspapers. But he was determined to see his enemy’s obituary even in his deathbed. That was his wish. He would even forego his food for newspapers.

With so many years of accumulation, his house was full of papers piled in huge bundles. Some he used as pillows and others as mattress. Inside the house he had built his own bedroom with the papers piled up around his bed as walls.

And one night, as he was sleeping in his bed room, the bundled papers fell down and hit his head killing him on the spot. Whose obituary now? The enemy he wanted to die did not die. And the friend (newspapers) he trusted with all heart killed him.

Why should you wait to see others' death when the same is yours too? 


  1. A thoughtful post. Nice one, sir. I liked reading it. Keep writing.

    1. Thank you sir for going through my scribbling...

  2. Have you narrated an actual incident or is it just a cooked up story? It happens similar in the movie 'Brave Heart' where the English King in his death-bed refuses to forgive William Wallace. King's greatest comfort even after the death was to see Wallace dead. So King dies as William is given capital punishment.

    1. Haha..But this is a story of a chicken heart rather than a brave heart haha....anyhow thanx boss for reading my post....

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