Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Long Wait is Over

The long wait is over and the new beginning has begun. I am in my new office, the place where I shall put into practice what I have learnt over the years.

This is a new year’s ‘new day’ for me. And I sense a new life beginning. The year has brought me and my family immense pleasure. We have waited for the day and it has finally come.

I am on the first rung of the long and steep ladder. I am happy that I reached the present spot. I have invested almost half of my life in preparing for this. And my mother has spent even more than me. She has spent all her wealth in bringing me up to the present light. Today I stand here as an epitome of her hard work and perseverance. My gratitude to her is beyond my expression.

I have burdened many people on my way to the present juncture. The two magnanimous people I would like to thank at this moment, besides my family, are Mr Passang Norbu (Principal, Wamrong MSS) and Mr Namgay Dorji (Principal, Jigme Sherabling HSS). They came into my life to support when I was in critical condition. I also thank all those who, through their small contributions, made my travel not only a cherishing journey but a successful one. I thank them all. I thank the Royal Government of Bhutan for rendering free education and other facilities since preprimary.

As a beginner, I understand that I would face ample of problems learning to pick up office works. But I am determined to face any hazards. Being in the planning division, I am sure, many plans and policies will pass my desk. Whatever comes my way, I shall work, keeping in mind the benefit of general public and to fulfill the wishes of His Majesty the King.

With the waiting over, I am all set to work. My only wish is to be a dedicated servant of the public.


  1. Congratulations and Very Good luck with the new year's new beginning bro!

  2. all the best brother and you can do it la

  3. and it seems you are thinking too much, don't think too much brother because that is the way of life la

    1. If you do not think today, you will have to think tomorrow and if you are to think tomorrow, you will already be late.

  4. All the best and good luck with the working life you have assumed la :)