Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Breakfast, Bus, Time and Money

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Every evening, before I go to bed, I set an alarm to wake me up in the morning. And the alarm, dutifully, wakes me up.  Today too, as usual, it woke me up at 6:30am. The dawn had hardly come and the air outside, I sensed, was very cold. Thimphu was still sleeping; no sound, no movements. I did not want to get out of my warm blankets. However, I had to force out.

I jumped out from my bed, put on the heater and boiler and rushed to the kitchen to wash the dishes left out in the evening (if you have lived a single life, your experience would better explain this). I put on the rice cooker and peeled off the potatoes to prepare curry. I did it as fast as possible so that I would be in time to catch the bus. Like an experienced cook, I chopped the potatoes rapidly. I did not mind some potatoes being boiled without cutting. What I wanted was the so-called curry to take for lunch and have with the breakfast. No sooner did I finish cutting potatoes, chilies, tomatoes and onions, I put them on the electric oven and kept it for boiling.  

Then I ran to the altar to make water offerings. I had to run in and out, taking and bringing water. After lighting the butter lamp, Karmey, it was time for me to make tea for my grandparents. I heard them chanting Bazar Guru and sensed that they have woken up. I ran to the kitchen, picked up two cups and reached tea at their bed.

The moment I turned back from there, I smelt the curry burning. I rushed to the pot with a bottle of water and poured into it, making a huge shhhh…. sound. My heart beat had increased tremendously then. I worried what my friends, at my office, would comment on my curry.

With the shhh.. sound minimized, and the curry assuming normal boil, I entered the bathroom with a bucket to wash my head. It took some minutes. Rinsing the soap, I started dressing. The first time I wore my gho, it had gone too much above my knees. The second time I wore, the two parallel lines behind appeared like an ‘A’ which I do not like. And the third time I wore, it was already time for the bus to arrive at its stop.

I flew nervously around the kitchen, opened my lunch bag and, putting in the half-boiled or over-cooked curry, I left for the office. I ran down to the road like a small school going-children with his bag over his head.

Alas! The bus had already left and I was late. I thought of walking up to the office but walking to Kuengacholing from Changjiji was not a joke. Nobody had played that joke and I did not wish to. I asked a Taxi and he said it was Nu 150. I asked my pocket and it showed only Nu. 120. Short of Nu 30. And how do I come home in the evening?

The only thing I could do was to walk where money did not cover. I wished if someone was with me to help prepare my breakfast and help me wear gho so that I could catch the bus on time.   


  1. A life of Office goer without a better half!ahh.....I see pretty busy and hard as well...
    May be a wake up call towards considering a life of 'WE' rather than 'I'....:)..:)

  2. Yes you ought to try this tshewang is very hard to manage home work as well as office work sa....

  3. Don't worry Tempa. Your better half would be there with you sooner than you expect. Then you would not have to prepare breakfast or take bath. She will do everything for you wai haha.... Just kidding. Me to same here. I start as early as 8 am to reach reach my office at 9..

    1. Yours is ok case as the distance between ur home and ur office is not that long. even if u miss the bus, u still have available taxis running for cheaper rates...but look at me.....if i miss the bus, it is sure that i will have to reserve a taxi to the office...difficult haha...

  4. happens same for me. Sometimes i skip breakfast and go. Very difficult as u say.

    1. Gewala la.... thabrang mala ne...have to rush haha...thanx for going through my scribblings bro...