Saturday, July 14, 2012

My answer to Jadzing Young’s question: "If you join politics, will you bring all such kinds of problems (issues) in the media?"

Nothing starts without a problem. Every new beginning is meant to address the old problem. I am glad to answer Jadzing Young's question: "If u join politics will you bring all such kinds of problems in the media?". A very sensitive remark! Thankyou! In this, I take it positively that your question meant bringing local issues to the national front through media. Am I right?
This is what I am looking for; bringing our villages to the national front. Our isolation has been a great hindrance to our development. We walk today when others ply in vehicles because our forefathers begged to divert roads to other places. We are led by others today because they bribed the school teachers with eggs and meat to let their sons be away from the harm the education would bring to them. Some, when teachers refused to let them go, pretended to be deaf and dumb and left on this pretext (to become the King of cow?). As a result, we are not known by the people around us. On your journey, ask someone next to you if he/she knows where Shingkhar Lauri is. Go to a class and ask students to locate our place on the map. Do you think you will not be appalled?

Looking through these lenses, this is the era where media has got much more role as the fourth estate. But in contrast media is after yellow (sensational) journalism. We, where much focus ought to be, receive least attention. If we do not take media as a tool at this point of time in our history of struggle, pain, and suffering, we have no other means.

Our nation doesn’t know what kind of struggle we are trudging through. Our leaders have no time to ask each and every individual what our problems are. They have no time as they owe greater responsibility to the nation than just our own locality. Therefore, placing a piece of paper (newspapers) in front of them would bring to the alarm the problems people in remote places are undergoing. This is so powerful. Unless a child cries, mother will not know to breast-feed him. Bringing our problems in the media is like ‘crying for food’ and the nation discerning on it and giving us what we require is akin to ‘breast-feeding’. If we do not wail, who will hear the miserable noise of our wailings? Silence can no more be our solution. It has proved a failure in a century's test. The one who cries most is heard most by the people. And if one cries more, it is an indication that there is something wrong in him. Our one or two stories may not generate national heat but doing repeatedly, it has the power to gain national concern.

For these reasons, I have taken media to be an important element in developing our society despite my profession and passion for it. Where ever I be and in whatever positions I serve, I will resort to media: the source of information; the power of the poor and the voice of the neglected. My dreams to join politics are yet to be sown but in case I join and become one, media would be the tool I would use to keep myself informed of my people’s problems. It is only through vivid communications that we can co-exist in an enormously competitive society like ours. Thank you for your valued question, Jadzing.

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