Thursday, December 1, 2011

Climate Change: Not a Natural Process

Many people take to believe that climate change is a natural process and has got nothing to do with the man. Man is irresponsible. And what has come over the era is a factor of nature alone.

However, the fact of climate change has much to do with the man and not necessarily with the natural process. Without the man interfering with the environment, there are rare chances of climate turning hostile. Nature, I believe does not change much with the time unless they are made to by man. Its we human beings who are greedy, who throw our hands among its leaves and thus hamper their progress in building a beautiful world for all the sentient beings.

Today, the issue of climate change has generated an enormous issue across the world. It is also one of the goals of the SAARC set forward to combat it. In its 16th meet in Bhutan, people saw the members of the SAARC elaborating much on the heated topic of climate change beside the elevation of poverty in the south asian region.

Not only in the region, it has also become a concern in the whole world. Climate change is being discussed at every high level talk. People are much concerned of what they can do to curb the climate change to make the world, once again, a good place to live in.

Bhutan also shares a great concern of how this climate change can be fought besides Maldives whose country has become a danger zone for the time with the sea level rising. As the glaciers in the high mountains are being melted by the Global Warming, the water flow increases adding to the sea level.

And island countries today are in great concern of its survival. They see the increase of sea level every year and this leave them at risk. Man has caused all these.

One of the phenomenon observed in Bhutan in particular and the world in general is the Glacier Lake Outburst Flow (GLOF). The melting of the glaciers are mainly due to the increase in the world temperature and this, the temperature increase, is mainly a man made cause. We release so much of Carbon-dioxides (CO2) to the air through lot many industries that we have set. These CO2 adds to the warming up of the world which is in turn making the snows melt. So how do we tell that man is not responsible for this? The nature does not create CO2 itself rather than absorbing by the green leaves.

We are the main culprits of global warming, climate change and the release of CO2. But we are not aware of what we are doing. Being busily involved in making money, we tend to forget our weird actions that has a great threat to the world and its climate.

So to conclude, climate change is not something that has happened naturally. It is something made by man. And one must get the prick even as we try to declaim saying men are not the one who caused the climate change. Man is responsible for the climate change—directly or indirectly. 

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