Thursday, December 16, 2010


It's of utmost importance to firstly know our own strengths and potentials if we are to undertake any task. We can't be blind to our own self. He who has the power to see oneself has the power to see others. If you have clearly and vividly understood your own self, the other self is nothing different than your own self. Thus when you have tremendously achieved the understanding of your own nature, you are beginning to understand the whole universe.
Never look forward to conquer the world. Just conquer your own self and the world will be easily conquered. Need not be too ambitious. Need not be too relaxed. Just know your time of response. The great people of the world knows when to stand up and when to sit. They know the direction of the wind and they respond particularly to some areas of importance to their life and that is achievable by their strengths. If you know your strength, you can judge anything easily.

People today do just the opposite. They want to order some one and get the work done. They try to study other human. Never take mistakes for oneself but always attribute to others. We will not be sure if they know themselves, who they actually are but they would be ordering us. Without a single thought to oneself, people think great on others. Thats important. But without having mastered oneself, how can one dream of giving masters' degree to others. If we haven't known how much money do we have, how can we assure that we will donate one crore to others? Exactly one crore! We may have or not. So,we have to first know how much money do we have. Then one may calculate how much to donate and how much to keep for oneself. Without the knowledge of this, promising will be no greater than a dry joke in the air. Who would like to become an Atsara. Nobody perhaps.

Knowing your strength can elevate you to a higher realm. Know what you can do. Test your abilities. Judge them by an array of quizzical questions. Ask yourself 'what is your dream?'. Do self talking. Give speeches to trees, flowers and winds. Check if you can speak well. If not give a little try every day. Jump. Be energetic and and enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is the key rope that pulls us ahead. You must have a seed of that. If you are lacking enthusiasm, likely, there are no chances of you growing up. You may land up doing the same work repeatedly and not yearning for any other promotions or adventures. If you are like this, you are no better than a dead log that has no capability to sprout. Life must be thrilling. One must seek to enjoy while getting the job done. Our timidness should not be our barrier. Break away the bar and go far away into the forbidden kingdom of your life.

Living life by a routine is nothing greater than a house of boredom. Life can be exciting if you know how to handle it. It all depends on the owner how a flower garden he/ she wants to look like. So know your strength to shape your life into the realm of your desired quality.

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