Saturday, July 31, 2010


My life is rammed by this poverty
And my happiness has now, distorted
To move, I see no roads of liberty
And to sit, I’m painfully discomforted.

This, my abject world of poverty
Has shortened my hands, tied legs’ movements
And ruined my life’s sanctity,
What are these punishments?
On my gloomy face, lips are stuck dry
From the spring holes, drops of water drips
To discard this thorny bed, I gave a try
But I had lost, long before, the life’s tips.

Because he came in, I lost all;
Friends, wines, parties, women, money so on
And had such an unprecedented fall
Devastating all my lively dreams’ tune.

I spit into his frowning face
For making me disable and stingy,
Oh! No.. I also adore and embrace
Him, the generator of my life’s energy.
I’d nothing to harness
So I derived satiation from his presence,
His presence meant nothing than nothingness
And this is our life’s very essence,
He’s been my spiritual leader
Steering my mind away from the samsaric world,
Preaching, inspiring, realizing and enlightening over
The trifle issues that lead to the exchange of sword.

I’ve lost all but without no gains
They have deserted me but without unwise,
When my seeds of hard work shall sprout into grains
I shall thank him, the savior in disguise.

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