Friday, August 7, 2015

72 days’ appointment

On 4th August, I registered for driving test. It was Tuesday and I knew the registration would be open (normally only Mondays or Tuesdays would be open). But I was told that we could, henceforth, register on any day. That was a good news not only for me but all.

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However on registration, I was surprised to get the appointment for 15th October 2015. I could not believe it and asked again for confirmation but I was fed with the hard fact that I have to wait for 72 days to give my test. A little waiting in every office is a usual trend but this is longer than anyone can expect. I felt as if I was getting an appointment with the President of the United States of America.

I have to wait until my test day comes (finally) by plying in buses and taxis. Although I know driving, I cannot do it because there is a policy of zero tolerance on non-possession of required documents. Ever more, Fridays have become dangerous for me and I cannot imagine paying fine for ten Fridays for driving without license.  

There is this, on one hand, the policy of zero tolerance that demands driving license from every driver. On the other hand, the driving test is limited to once a week (on Thursday) for only 50 people. If those registered are not able to give test sooner, how can they possess the required document? If many do not have documents, how can we expect the number of defaulters to decrease? If defaulters do not decrease, where is the success of ‘zero tolerance’ policy? If hundreds are to be kept waiting, what is the use of opening registration on all days for all?

It is time that something should be done by the concerned Agency. Population in Thimphu has grown and so do vehicles. Is it not time to increase the frequency of tests in a week considering the number of applicants? Or should it stick to the “Thursday Rule” and keep hundreds waiting for weeks and months?

The concerned agency must know that as of today there are 500 people (50 people each registered for 10 Thursdays) driving without license in Thimphu.

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